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Balinese boy in red clothes carries loads in baskets hung on a shoulder board
Balinese Bumble Bee dancer kneels with her arms up and palms towards audience
Balinese children stand at edge of walled compound
Balinese cloth vendor carries folded wares on her head
Balinese dancer advances in Rangda witch costume
Balinese farmer herds ducks into rice fields at dawn
Balinese farmer plows flooded rice field with team of two cows
Balinese farmer with hoe stands on dike, reflected in water of curved rice terraces
Balinese gamelan musicians perform
Balinese girl dressed in purple and gold costume waves fans in welcome dance
Balinese girl in purple and gold costume raises arms in welcome dance
Balinese girl performing welcome dance in green and gold costume holds fan
Balinese girl wearing floral crown headdress
Balinese landscape and farmwork painting
Balinese leaf and flower offering basket on the ground
Balinese man hoeing terraced wet-rice field
Balinese man holding turtle catch for display on beach
Balinese man lets irrigation water into rice field as he begins to prepare soil
Balinese man walks with cow on path through wet-rice fields
Balinese masked dancer costumed as Sugriva the red monkey king
Balinese masked dancer performs character of old man
Balinese men climb bamboo scaffolds to build brick house
Balinese painting of Hanuman courting Ravana's mermaid daughter
Balinese priest in white clothes blesses dancers before performance
Balinese priest in white clothes sprinkles holy water on kneeling women
Balinese priest wearing black headdress and beads performs mantra
Balinese rice terraces, thatched roof, and red flowers
Balinese school children play soccer before classes
Balinese school children stand together in their red and white uniforms
Balinese temple roof shows multi-tiered thatch construction
Balinese weathervane and windchime posted on pole
Balinese woman balances red pail of water on head above rice terrace
Balinese woman buys pieces of raw chicken at an outdoor market
Balinese woman dances Bumble Bee dance in yellow, blue, and silver costume
Balinese woman finishes wood statue of fisherman
Balinese woman in sarong walks past rice field