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World War I: North Carolina in the Great War

United States Army, Signal Corps. 1918. "Col. J. Van B. Metts of 119th Infantry, Thirtieth Division, and staff, Belgium, July 10, 1918." State Archives of North Carolina. Military Collection, World War I Papers, XII. Photographs and Postcards, Box 1.This page gathers resources in NCpedia that cover the history and legacy of World War I, contributions from the state to the war effort, and other aspects of history related to life during war-time. ;It does not include all resources in NCpedia that mention World War I, but instead presents a selection for browsing and digging deeper into NCpedia content and the state's history from 1914 to 1918. This page also includes resources for teachers, links to digitized historical document collections online, and print resources for further reading.

North Carolina and World War I: All NCpedia entries related to World War I

World War I General and Background Articles

World War I Introduction
North Carolina's Response to War and North Carolinians in Combat
WWI: Life on the Western Front
WWI: Last Days of the War
Four-Minute Men
1920s: A Decade of Change

World War I Military History and Technological Developments

World War I Technology and the Weapons of War
National Guard
Aviation in North Carolina

World War I North Carolina Military Camps

World War I Bootcamp in Charlotte
Old Hickory Division
Wildcat Division
Fort Caswell

Healthcare and Battlefield Medicine

Medicine on the Battlefield
Red Cross
WWI: North Carolina and Influenza
Influenza Outbreak of 1918-1919

World War I -- North Carolina efforts on the home front

Contributions to Victory on the Home Front
Support from the home front Cheerwine(developed during sugar shortage of WWI)
Farm and Factory Struggles
Extension Service
4-H and Home Demonstration among African Americans

Women in World War I

WWI: Women Volunteers
Military Women
Madelon "Glory" Battle Hancock
Ann Penland (WWI nurse anesthetist)
Lula Gloyne Owl (First Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian registered Nurse and only ECBI officer in WWI)
Dazelle Foster Lowe (WWI home demonstration agent and extension service pioneer)

Selected Biographies

Madelon "Glory" Battle Hancock (WWI nurse and war hero)
Luke Lea (U.S. senator and WWI hero)
Richard Johnson Corbitt (North Carolina manufacturer of of trucks for the Army)
Kiffin Yates Rockwell (WWI pioneer in arial combat)
Joseph Hyde Pratt (State Geologist, distinguised WWI military service)
John W. Mitchell (pioneering African Amercian extension agent, began service in 1917)
Dazelle Foster Lowe (Extension service pioneer, began service as emergency agent in WWI)
James Timothy Brymn (African American jazz composer and band leader; WWI Army1st lieutenant directed the 350th Field Artillery regimental band) Belvin Maynard (minister and WWI test pilot and flying ace)
James Rogers McConnell (WWI aviator and hero, joined the Lafayette Escadrille, and author of Flying for France)

North Carolina WWI Monuments and Memorials

Iredell County World War I Memorial
Onslow County World War I and World War II Memorial
Caswell County World War Memorial
World War I 328th Infantry 82nd Airborne AEF Rock
James Dougald McRacken War Memorial
WWI Memorial, Lexington
81st "Wildcat" Division Monument
U.S. Army's 30th "Old Hickory" Division in World War I Monument
WWI Memorial, Winston-Salem
Jacques MacConnell (James McConnell) Memorial
James Rogers McConnell Memorial
Town of Kinston Commemoration Marker
Spirit of the American Doughboy

Browse more than 100 WWI Memorials across North Carolina (from Commemorative Landscapes of N.C. at UNC-Chapel Hill)

Educator Resources:

Grade 8: Trench Warfare in World War I. Carolina K-12, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Grade 11: Why A Second World War? The Failure of Peace. Carolina K-12, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Lesson Plans, Harry Truman's World War I. Harry S. Truman Library & Museum (includes activities for music and language arts).

Teaching World War I, National History Day. Middle School and High School lesson modules.

Grades 6-12: World War I: What are we fighting for over there? Library of Congress.

Online Resources for North Carolina and WWI:

Carmichael, Billy, III. "Carolina's Part in World War I," from Our State Magazine, vol 18, no 26. November 25, 1950. (accessed April 17, 2024). 

North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Guide to state resources and events related to World War I:

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World War I Resources Online:

Primary Source set: World War I: America Heads to War. Digital Public Library of America.

Library of Congress, Web Guides, “A Guide to World War I Materials”:

Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Online Catalog, Posters: “World War I Posters”:

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United States World War One Centennial Commission.

Digital Public Library of America. Patriotic Labor: America During World War 1.

Print Resources:

Bandel, Jessica A., North Carolina and the Great War, 1914–1918, UNC Press (2017).

Marshall, R. Jackson, III, Memories of World War I: North Carolina Doughboys on the Western Front, Division of Archives and History, North Carolina Department of Natural Resources (1998).

Teachers Who Teach, World War 1 Books for Kids:

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Keith, Jeanette. 2004. Rich man's war, poor man's fight: race, class, and power in the rural South during the first world war. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

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