The Strikers Move Into Tents

Strikers Plan Usual Week-End Celebrations

First Families of Strikers Moved In Friday—Tent Colony Has Met All Sanitary Requirements

In line with their custom of observing Saturday as a day of festival, N.T.W.U., members will celebrate the "official opening of tent colony," on the Union lot, North Loray street, Saturday afternoon and evening. The celebration will begin at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and continue until midnight, according to handbills distributed this morning when a truck load of strikers rode about the streets singing union songs and strowing notices of the festivities on all sides. The handbill says there will be speeches, dancing, refreshments, etc.

Fourteen tents have been hoisted on the property surrounding the union headquarters, and will be occupied by evicted families of the strikers. The first families moved in Friday. The tents have oak flooring. They are equipped with toilets and all sanitary requirements, it is stated, have been met.

The general strike situation was very quiet today, with the mill continuing to run full time and with eviction operations again temporarily suspended.


Credit text

"Strikers Plan Usual Week-End Celebrations." The Gastonia Daily Gazette, Gastonia, N.C., May 24, 1929.