Primary Source: Probate Inventory of Darby O'Brian, 1725

August ye. 5th 1725.

AN INVENTORY of the Estate of Darby Obrian deceed To 4 Head of Cattle £4:10:0 To an Horse 4 £ To 21 Head of Hogs £ 6:6:0 To one old Bridle and Sadle 8 shll To a parcel of pewter and a tin funnel 10 shll. To a parcel of Glass Ware 8 shll. To a stone jugg 3 shll. To one Brass Skillet a Brass slice and Brass Box 2/6 To an Handsaw 6 shll. To an Ivory Comb 1/8 To a Hone Razor Vial and Knife 4/6 To a parcel of old Iron 15 shll. To one old Coverlid 5 shll. To 3 pair of old Breeches 7/6 To 2 shirts 12/6 To an old Coat 10 shll. To an old Hat Cap and Jacket 4 shll. To one pair of Yarn Stockins 3 shll. To an old Lock and Key 21 shll. To an old Chest 12 shll. To a parcel of Leather 8 shll. To one Bee Hive and Bees 5 shll. To 100 lb. of dried pork & Beef £ 1: 5: 0 To 1 Bushl. ½ Corn 3 shll. To 6 lb Hogs Fatt 2 shll. To a pair of Stillyds. £1: 5: 0—Antho. Hatch Jno. Bateman This Inventory was proved by the Oath of Wm. Evans the 13th of Septbr. 1725. before Me Geo. Durant.

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Grimes, J. Bryan. North Carolina Wills and Inventories Copied From Original and Recorded Wills and Inventories in the Office of the Secretary of State. Raleigh: Edwards & Broughton, 1912. Reprinted Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1994. 


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Published under authority of the Trustees of the Public Libraries, 1912), p. 525. - Original Source