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Manndalecommunity in SW Orange County.
Manningcommunity in W Rowan County served by post office, 1887-1906.
Mannings TownshipW Nash County.
Manns Harborcommunity on the E shore of the mainland, central Dare County on Croatan Sound. Settled in the early nineteenth century. Known earlier as Croatan. Named for a German sea captain, Charles Mann, who harbored there during a fierce storm. He later returned, with his wife and 9 children, to live. The Indian village of Dasemunkepeuc (Algonquian word meaning "where there is an extended land surface separated by water") was located there and is shown on the White maps, 1585 and 1590, and on the Velasco map, 1611. Alt. 10.
Manor Branchrises in NW Buncombe County near Newfound Mountain and flows NE into Sandy Mush Creek.
Mansfieldcommunity in S Carteret County W of Morehead City.
Mansontown in W Warren County near the head of Rocky Creek. Inc. 1874, but not now active in municipal affairs. Alt. 424. First known as Cheathamville; name changed to Branchville in 1858 because the Roanoke Valley Railway branch joined the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad there. Name changed to Manson in 1859 in honor of Dr. O. F. Manson (1822-88), local physician and later a Confederate surgeon.
Manteotown and county seat, on N Roanoke Island, E Dare County. Settled 1865. Inc. 1899. Named for the Indian chief Manteo, taken to England in 1584 by Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe in the service of Walter Raleigh. Alt. 12. The Lost Colony, an outdoor drama by Paul Green, has been presented nearby each summer since 1937.
Manuscommunity in N Richmond County.
Maplecommunity in central Currituck County. Named for the Maple Leaf, a federal transport that grounded on Currituck Beach with 101 Confederate prisoners during the Civil War. Alt. 7.