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Makatokacommunity in NW Brunswick County.
Makleyvillecommunity in SW Hyde County on Pungo River near the mouth of Slade Creek.
Maleecommunity in W Richmond County served by post office, 1881-1906.
Mall Creekrises in E Washington County, receives drainage from Enoch Canal, and flows NE into Scuppernong River. First shown on the MacRae map, 1833.
Mallardcommunity in E Mecklenburg County served by post office, 1898-1903.
Mallard Creekrises in N Mecklenburg County and flows E into Cabarrus County, where it enters Rocky River. The name appears on the Collet map, 1770, though it is slightly misplaced.
Mallard CreekSee Town Creek.
Mallard Creek Townshipformer township in E central Mecklenburg County, now township no. 8.
Malloby's Branchrises in central Wake County and flows SE into Beaverdam Creek.
Mallory Creekrises in E Brunswick County and flows E into Cape Fear River.