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MyrtleSee Elah.
Myrtle Grovecommunity in SE New Hanover County on Myrtle Sound.
Myrtle Grove Islandtidal-marsh island in SE Onslow County just inside Bear Inlet.
Myrtle Grove SoundSee Myrtle Sound.
Myrtle Islandin Bogue Sound, W Carteret County S of Burthen Channel.
Myrtle Lawna family seat in S Warren County near the community of Inez. Built by the Williams family in 1790 and still standing.
Myrtle SoundSE New Hanover County. Also known as Myrtle Grove Sound. See also Snows Cut.
Myrtle SwampSee Merkle Swamp.
Myrtscommunity in N Duplin County served by post office, 1893-96. Named for first postmaster James Grady's daughter Myrtie.