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Murray GapW Haywood County between Huckleberry Knob and Winding Knob.
Murray GapE Madison County at the head of California Creek.
Murraysvillecommunity in N New Hanover County.
Murrayvilleformer community on Cane Creek in N Henderson County (then Buncombe County); named for William Murray, whose home was there. Buncombe Turnpike ran nearby. A post office operated there, 1806 to ca. 1827. The Catawba grape was discovered growing in the vicinity.
Mush Islanda sandy formation about 2¼ mi. long and 1¼ mi. wide, surrounded by silty clay, on the banks of the Roanoke River SE of Weldon, NE Halifax County. The Collet map, 1770, shows Raglins Ferry at the site; called Prides Ferry on the Price map, 1808.
Musketo Inletthrough present Currituck Banks, E Currituck County, opened prior to 1657 and closed in the 1670s. Appears on the Ogilby map, 1671. See also Denniss Island.
Muskrat Branchrises in SE Clay County and flows NW into Shooting Creek.
Muskrat Creekrises in central Macon County and flows E into Cartoogechaye Creek.
Mussel Runrises in E Greene County and flows SW into Contentnea Creek.
Musselshell Creekrises in NE Jones County and flows SW into Trent River.