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Maiden Pointextends into Jones Bay, NE Pamlico County. Named because the shoreline on maps resembles a female breast.
Maidenhair FallsS Jackson County on Trays Island Creek ½ mi. N of Fairfield Lake. Alt. 3,640.
Maidenhair FallsSE Transylvania County on Hogshead Creek 2 mi. SE of Brevard. Water falls 50 ft.
Main Canalextends NW from N central Washington County, where it receives the waters drained from East Dismal Swamp by a system of canals and channels them into Kendricks Creek.
Main Channelin Bogue Sound SW Carteret County leading S into Bogue Inlet.
Main Creekrises in NE Buncombe County and flows NW into Reems Creek.
MaineSee Oak Grove.
Maitlandcommunity in central Sampson County served by post office, 1887-1904.
Majolicacommunity in N central Rowan County on Southern Railway. Alt. 713. It is said that while V. C. McBee, railroad superintendent, was considering a name for the termination of a siding there, his clerk, T. C. McNeely, brought in a green majolica pot filled with drinking water. McNeely suggested that the water be used for christening and that the place be named for the pot.
Major Hillsmountain in S Alamance County.