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Afton Runstream, rises in N Cabarrus County and flows S into Coddle Creek. Also appears in early documents as Ashton Run and Astin's Run.
Agatecommunity in NW Hertford County served by post office, 1892-1906.
Aggie Runis formed in NW Beaufort County by the junction of Old Ford Swamp and Snoad Branch. It flows S into Tranters Creek.
AgiquaSee French Broad River.
Agnelacommunity in SW Hertford County.
Ahocommunity in S Watauga County near the heads of Stony Branch, Moore Branch, and Buffalo Creek. It is said that a group of men gathered to select a name for the community but, being unable to agree on a name, decided that the next word spoken by any one of them would be accepted. After a long silence, B. B. Dougherty arose, stretched, and said "Aho!"
Ahoskietown in S Hertford County. Post office as early as 1828 named Ahosky Ridge. Inc. 1893. Name of Indian origin, spelled Ahostsky and Ahostskey as early as 1719. Produces apparel, lumber, and wooden containers. Alt. 59.
Ahoskie Creekrises in SE Northampton County and flows NE into Hertford County, where it enters Ahoskie Swamp.
Ahoskie Swamprises in S Hertford County and flows SE and NE into Bear Swamp. Appears as Ahotskey Swamp on the Collet map, 1770.
Ahoskie TownshipS Hertford County.