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Ace Enloe RidgeNE Swain County in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a short spur of Hughes Ridge.
Acmetown in NE Columbus County on Livingston Creek. Known originally as Livingston for the creek. Inc. 1905 as Cronly and named for local landowner; name changed to Acme in 1911 for Acme Manufacturing Company, producer of fertilizer. Produces fertilizer and paper. Alt. 37.
Acorncommunity on Jones Pond E Gates County. Sometimes also known as Acorn Hill.
Acorn HillSee Acorn.
Acrecommunity in N central Beaufort County. Long Acre appears on the Collet map, 1770, as a ridge in the Dismal Swamp of NE Beaufort and S Washington Counties. It supported a post road from Plymouth to Bath. It is called Long Acre on various maps until Kerr, 1882, where it is marked "Long Acre Ridge." Long Acre community grew up at the S end of the ridge, and a post office there from 1883 to 1907 was called Acresville. By 1917 it was called Acre from the railroad name, and the ridge was no longer recorded on maps. Alt. 32.
AcresvilleSee Acre.
Actoncommunity between Enka and Sulphur Springs, central Buncombe County.
Ad Tate Knobon Utah Mountain in central Haywood County.
Adaircommunity in N Gates County.
Adakecommunity in W Caldwell County on Wilsons Creek.