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Albertson TownshipNE Duplin County.
AlbertySee Fairview.
Albright Townshipformer township in S central Alamance County, now township no. 7.
Albright TownshipNW Chatham County.
Albrittonscommunity in W Lenoir County.
Alcocommunity in E Montgomery County served by post office, 1889-1915.
Alder Branchcommunity in S Camden County. Alt. 10. Probably named for the alder bush, which grows in profusion in the vicinity. The branch, called Cross Branch in colonial days, connects a swamp that drains into Pasquotank River to another swamp that drains into North River.
Aldermancommunity in S Cumberland County served by post office, 1885-1907.
Aldridge Creekrises in SW Person County and flows SE into South Flat River.
Alecommunity in SW Stokes County served by post office, 1898-1903.