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Indiantowncommunity in E central Camden County. A post office est. 1882 operated there until 1934. Settled prior to 1697. In 1704 the Governor's Council ordered a reservation to be laid off for the Yeopim Indians, and it is from the reservation that the present name derives.
Indiantownformer community in W central Currituck County approx. 5 mi. S of Shawboro. Appears in local records as early as 1764; a post office as early as 1793 and as recently as 1882. Currituck Seminary, burned during the Civil War, was there.
Indiantown Creeka name sometimes applied to the upper course of North River, which see, in Camden County.
Indigo Branchrises in Horry County, S.C., and flows NW into SW Brunswick County, where it enters Cawcaw Swamp.
Inezcommunity in S Warren County E of Shocco Creek. Post office est. there in 1890, but discontinued in 1954.
Ingallscommunity in SW Avery County. Named for Senator John J. Ingalls (1833-1900) of Kansas. A nineteenth-century post office serving the area was named Keenerville.
Ingles CoveN Buncombe County N of Ingles Gap.
Ingles Field GapS Buncombe County between Little Hickory Top and Stradley Mountain.
Ingles GapN Buncombe County between Grassy Knob and Ravens Knob.
Ingles RidgeN Buncombe County between Sugar Cove and Sawyer Cove.