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Indian Swamprises in S Robeson County and flows S into Ashpole Swamp.
Indian Swamprises on the Tyrrell-Washington county line and flows N into Banton Creek.
Indian Topcentral Cherokee County between West Prong Grape Creek and Rose Creek.
Indian Town CreekSee Dillard Creek.
Indian Trading PathSee Trading Path.
Indian Trailtown in W Union County. Inc. 1907. Located between heads of North Fork Crooked Creek and South Fork Crooked Creek. Alt. 697.
Indian Well Swamprises in S Pitt County and flows SE into Clayroot Swamp.
Indian Wellsindicated on the Price map, 1808, and the MacRae map, 1833, as four wells on Cape Fear River in SE Bladen County. Possibly these were natural artesian wells, common to the area.
Indian Woodscentral Bertie County, a reservation set aside in 1717 for the Tuscarora Indians remaining in North Carolina after the war of 1711-13. The Indians later joined relatives in New York, and the state sold the tract of land in 1828.
Indian Woods TownshipSW Bertie County.