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Invershielmountain resort in E Avery County near Grandfather Mountain. A village containing shops, a church, and other buildings is modeled after an old Scottish village. Named for the village in Scotland, ancestral home of the MacRae family, developers of the resort. Est. 1966.
Iolacommunity in E Montgomery County served by post office, 1903-15. Named for Iola gold mine.
Ionacommunity in central Robeson County served by post office, 1896-1902.
Iotla Branchrises in N Macon County and flows SE into Iotla Creek.
Iotla Creekrises in central Macon County and flows NE into Little Tennessee River.
Iotla Gapcentral Macon County near the head of Iotla Creek.
Iowa HillE Mitchell County between Beaver Creek and North Toe River.
Iracommunity in W Wilkes County served by post office, 1899-1903.
Iredellcommunity in SW Brunswick County.
Iredell Countywas formed in 1788 from Rowan County. Located in the central section of the state, it is bounded by Rowan, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Lincoln, Catawba, Alexander, Wilkes, Yadkin, and Davie Counties. It was named for James Iredell (1751-99), attorney general of North Carolina during the Revolution and delegate from Edenton to the Convention of 1788, where he advocated adoption of the Federal Constitution. Area: 594 sq. mi. County seat: Statesville, with an elevation of 925 ft. Townships are Bethany, Chambersburg, Coddle Creek, Concord, Cool Spring, Davidson, Eagle Mills, Fallstown, New Hope, Olin, Sharpesburg, Shiloh, Statesville, Turnersburg, and Union Grove. Produces wheat, oats, corn, poultry, livestock, hogs, canned milk, textiles, apparel, hay, ceramics, glass products, fabricated metal, lumber, and machinery. See also York County.