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Inglesidecommunity in N Franklin County.
Ingoldcommunity in S Sampson County on the E side of Great Coharie Creek. Alt. 100. Settled about 1888. Inc. 1889; charter repealed 1895.
Ingraham MountainNE Buncombe County near Dillingham.
Ingramcommunity in NW Northampton County served by post office, 1882-1907.
Ingram Branchrises in NE Cherokee County and flows NE into Worm Creek.
Ingram Branchrises in W Macon County and flows SE into Nantahala Lake.
Ingrams MountainNE Anson County. Alt. approx. 525.
Ingrams TownshipS central Johnston County.
Iniptacommunity in W Alleghany County.
InkSee Newlife.