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Cliffside Lakeat the junction of South Skitty Branch and Skitty Creek in SE Macon County.
CliftonSee Clifdale.
Cliftoncommunity in central Ashe County. Alt. approx. 2,900.
Clifton TownshipNW Ashe County.
Cliftons Pondon Crooked Creek in SW Franklin County. Formed about 1890. Covers approx. 55 acres. Max. depth 16 ft. Named for owners.
Cliftonvillecommunity in N Wilson County near the head of Cattail Branch. Named for Clifton Parker. Post office, 1895-1902.
Climaxcommunity in SE Guilford County. Alt. 824. Est. 1853. Named for its location on high ground.
Clinchcrosscommunity in E McDowell County. Probably named for the nearby Clinchfield Railroad.
Cline Creekrises in central Catawba County and flows SW into Clark Creek.
Cline Mineformer copper and gold mine near the community of Watts Crossroads, NE Cabarrus County approx. 8 mi. NE of Concord. Last worked about 1901-1902; later explored by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and by the Tennessee Copper Company.