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Coastal PlainE North Carolina, extends inland from the Atlantic Ocean 100 to 150 mi. to the fall line of the rivers. The W limit extends from Northampton and Halifax Counties on the N in a SW direction through Anson County on the S. In altitude the area ranges from sea level to approx. 500 ft. Generally the soil is sand and black loam. See also Tidewater Area.
Coatstown in E Harnett County. Inc. 1905 and named for Elder Tom Coats. Previously known as Troyville for a Fayetteville lawyer. Alt. 314.
Cobb BluffS central Cherokee County on the Nottely River at the mouth of Moccasin Creek.
Cobb Creekrises in NW Yadkin County and flows NE into Martin Creek.
Cobb PointE Pasquotank County, extends into the Pasquotank River between Forbes Bay and Davis Bay.
Cobb Towncommunity in S Edgecombe County.
Cobb Towncommunity in NW Rockingham County named for Pleasant Cobb, local blacksmith.
Cobb's Shopcommunity in W Caswell County.
Cobbs Creekrises in E Caswell County and flows NE into Person County, where it enters North Hyco Creek.
Cobbs Crossroadscommunity in N Wilson County near Town Creek.