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Clubfoot Creekrises near the Carteret-Craven county line and flows N into Neuse River. A canal connects the stream with Harlowe Creek in central Carteret County, affording a waterway from the Neuse River to Newport River. Appears on the Moseley map, 1733. The Indian name for the stream was Irisquoque.
Clumcommunity in SW Chowan County served by post office, 1897-1902.
Clun Seat10,000-acre estate in SE Warren County between Great Fishing and Shocco Creeks. Granted to Edward Moseley in 1728, and after his death in 1749, sold by his sons to Joseph Montfort. Mentioned in local records as late as 1765. Probably named for the Clun River or the town of Clun in England.
Clustercommunity in S Mecklenburg County served by post office, 1893-1903. Successor to Maxwell's Store, which see.
Clydetown in central Haywood County. Inc. 1889. Named for a member of a firm of railroad construction engineers. Known previously as Lower Pigeon. Alt. 2,539.
Clyde Townshipcentral Haywood County.
Coahomacommunity in NE Lenoir County served by post office, 1888-1902.
Coakleytown in E Edgecombe County. Inc. 1903, but not now active in municipal affairs.
Coalglencommunity in S Chatham County on Deep River. Known earlier as Farmville. Site of former Carolina Coal Mine, from which the name is derived.
Coalvillecommunity in NE Cherokee County in Nantahala National Forest.