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Clementcommunity in W Sampson County near Jones Swamp.
Clement Grovepark setting in Mocksville, Davie County. Site of annual Masonic picnic, benefit for Oxford orphanage since 1883. Land once belonged to Herbert Clement.
Clements CreekSee Blanket Creek.
Clemmonstown in SW Forsyth County. Known as Clemmonstown as early as 1816; inc. 1824 as Clemmonsville but later known simply as Clemmons. Alt. 792. Named for Peter Clemmons, who moved there from Delaware in 1777. Clemmons was the author of Poor Peter's Call to His Children, printed in Salisbury in 1812.
Clemmonsville TownshipSW Forsyth County.
Clems Beech RidgeE Jackson County between Oak Ridge Creek and Chestnut Ridge Creek.
Clems Branchflows through SW Mecklenburg County and into South Carolina.
Cleonecommunity in W Union County served by post office, 1886-1905.
Clevelandtown in W Rowan County. Inc. 1883 as Third Creek; name changed in 1887 to honor Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), president of the United States. Alt. 788.
Cleveland Countywas formed in 1841 from Rutherford and Lincoln Counties. Cleaveland was originally used, but the present spelling was adopted in 1887. In the SW section of the state, it is bounded by the state of South Carolina and by Rutherford, Burke, Lincoln, and Gaston Counties. It was named for Col. Benjamin Cleveland (1738-1806), noted partisan leader of the W frontier and one of the heroes of the Battle of Kings Mountain. Area: 466 sq. mi. County seat: Shelby, with an elevation of 85 ft. Townships, now numbered 1 to 11, were formerly River, Boiling Springs, Rippys, Kings Mountain, Warlick, Shelby, Sandy Run, Polkville, Double Shoals, Knob Creek, and Casar. Produces wheat, oats, corn, dairy products, hogs, livestock, poultry, soybeans, nursery products, squash, honey, glass products, textiles, bakery products, limestone, and mica.