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Claypole Branchrises in S Transylvania County and flows NE into Middle Fork French Broad River.
Clayrootcommunity in SE Pitt County.
Clayroot Swamprises in SE Pitt County and flows SW and SE into Swift Creek. For a part of its course, it forms the boundary between Craven and Pitt Counties.
Claytontown in NW Johnston County. Inc. 1869. Known previously as Stallings Station. Named for a local school, Clayton Academy, or for Senator John M. Clayton (1796-1856) of Delaware, coauthor of the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850 with Great Britain. Alt. 345. Produces textiles and apparel.
Clayton Bayswamp NW Brunswick County. A part of Green Swamp.
Clayton Branchrises in SE Cherokee County and flows NW into Little Brasstown Creek.
Clayton Creekrises in S Buncombe County and flows NE into French Broad River.
Clayton HallSee Rocky Point.
Clayton TownshipNW Johnston County.
Clear Branchrises in E Watauga County and flows SE into Elk Creek.