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Clear Branchrises in S Madison County and flows NE into Little Sandymush Creek.
Clear Branchrises in NW Macon County and flows S into Queens Creek.
Clear Branchrises in SW Macon County and flows NE into Lowery Creek.
Clear Branchrises in Green Swamp in E central Columbus County and flows SE into Big Swamp. For a little over 2 mi., it forms a part of the boundary between Brunswick and Columbus Counties.
Clear Branchrises in E Columbus County and flows SE on the Brunswick-Columbus county line into Honey Island Swamp.
Clear Branchrises in SE Buncombe County and flows SW into Broad River.
Clear Branchrises in N central Avery County and flows NE into Elk River.
Clear Creekrises in SE Yancey County and flows W into South Toe River.
Clear Creekcommunity in S Cabarrus County.
Clear Creekcommunity in W Mecklenburg County. Later known as Candon, which see.