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Clarks Islanda small tidal-marsh island off the SE tip of Eagles Island in the Cape Fear River, NE Brunswick County.
Clarks Little RiverSee Upper Little River.
Clarks Millscommunity in SE Montgomery County served by post office, 1885-1902.
Clarks MountainE central Anson County. Alt. approx. 525.
Clarks StoreSee Blountsville.
Clarksberrycommunity in NW Rockingham County served by post office, 1857-66. Named for local Methodist church.
ClarksvilleSee Salvo.
Clarksvillecommunity in NW Davie County. John Pinchback operated Burnt Tavern or Pinchback's Tavern nearby after 1797. Before the Civil War, the stagecoach from Salem to Statesville stopped there for the night. Hinton Rowan Helper (1829-1909), author of The Impending Crisis (1857), was born nearby on a farm on Bear Creek. A post office operated there from 1855 until 1869.
Clarksville TownshipNW Davie County.
Clarktontown in S Bladen County. Alt. 93. Inc. 1901. Known earlier as Brown Marsh Station and Dalton. Renamed after 1863 for John Hector Clark (1821-98).