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Ball MountainS Buncombe County.
Ball PocosinE Lenoir County between Vine Swamp and Southwest Creek.
Ball's Pointpoint of land extending from W Carteret County into White Oak River.
Ballardcommunity in N Martin County, named for the plantation of John Bryant located near there in 1734. The first court in Martin County met in the community on the land of John Griffin, 1774.
Ballard Covethe valley through which Ballard Creek flows in SW Buncombe County.
Ballard CoveN Buncombe County S of Horse Gap.
Ballard Creekrises in N Lincoln County and flows SE into Anderson Creek.
Ballard Creekrises in SW Buncombe County near Fork Mountain and flows N into Glady Fork.
Ballard Creekrises in E Buncombe County and flows SE into Cane Creek.
Ballard Crossroadscommunity in SW Gates County.