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Bandanacommunity in W Mitchell County on Toe River. Alt. 2,331. Name said to have been given after a railroad brakeman left a bandana tied to a laurel bush to mark the location of a station.
Bandycommunity in E Catawba County. Named for pioneer Bandy family.
Bandy Cove MountainNW Burke County. Alt. 2,747.
Bandy TownshipSE Catawba County. Named for George Bandy, Virginian, who settled in Lincoln County, 1783.
Bangorcommunity in NW Wake County served by post office, 1888-1904.
Banjo Branchrises in SE Mitchell County and flows SW into North Toe River about 1 mi. E of Spruce Pine. Formerly known as Christ Branch; name changed after 1939.
Banjo Branchrises in central Avery County and flows S into North Toe River.
Banjo Forkrises in E Beaufort County and flows NW into Pungo Creek.
Bank MountainN Henderson County between Garren Mountain and Kyles Creek.
Bank Pointextends from SE Pasquotank County into Pasquotank River on the S shore of Little Flatty Creek.