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Baldwin GapN Henderson County between Rich Mountain and Hightop.
Baldwin Swamprises in central Pitt County and flows SE into Moyes Run.
Baldwin TownshipNE Chatham County.
Bales Creekrises in SW Anson County and flows E into Deadfall Creek.
Balfourcommunity in central Henderson County now part of Hendersonville on its N side. Alt. 2,125. Railroad name was Smyth. Named for Capt. William Balfour Troy, who operated a rock quarry there in 1880 and was agent for the newly opened railroad.
Balfourscommunity in central Randolph County adjacent to Asheboro on the n, formerly known as North Asheboro. Named for an abandoned community of the same name in W central Randolph County, SW of Asheboro, which was the home of Col. Andrew Balfour, Revolutionary patriot. Spero, formerly a community in its own right, is now considered to be a part of Balfours.
Ballcommunity in NW Ashe County. Formerly a post office.
Ball Creekrises in S Macon County and flows NE into Coweeta Creek.
Ball GapS Buncombe County, NW of Ball Mountain.
Ball Islandsmall tidal-marsh island in the Bay River estuary, E Pamlico County. Used as a target for practice bombing by Marines.