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Tommy Statue, UNC (Pembroke). Photo courtesy of
Tommy Statue
UNC (Pembroke)
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Description: The statue depicts "Tommy", the mascot of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Tommy is a bronze hawk, 22-inches tall with a 57-inch wingspan weighing 150 pounds. The bird, with its wings outstretched as if just landing, is perched atop a large, natural granite boulder. A small bronze plaque with the inscribed dedication is mounted on the front of the boulder.
Images: Inscription
Nickname: Tommy Hawk
"Tommy" / The Red-tail Hawk is a gift from the Class of 1999. / This tribute honors the spirit of UNCP Braves. / Seek the hawk within yourself / Dedicated: February 10, 1999 / Artist: Paul Van Zandt
Dedication date: 2/10/1999
Creator: Paul Van Zandt,
Materials & Techniques: Bronze statue, granite base
Sponsor: Native American Design Services
Post dedication use: In recent years, the monument has been used as a good luck charm.
Subject notes: The statue is meant to resemble the red-tailed hawk, a bird indigenous to Robeson County. The hawk statue was a gift from the UNC-Pembroke Class of 1999. Students and visitors are encouraged to rub the rock for good luck.
The sculptor, Paul Van Zandt, is a retired emeritus professor of sculpture at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Controversies: The mascot was originally named "Tommy Hawk". However, in 2012, in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of the University, an effort was begun to give the mascot a new and more culturally sensitive name.
Location: The sculpture is located in front of the James B. Chavis University Center off Faculty Row.
Landscape: The sculpture sits in the grass quad area between campus buildings. A paved walkway leads to the boulder which is surrounded by seasonal plantings.
City: Pembroke
County: Robeson
Subjects: Animal Monuments,Educational Institutions,Mascots

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