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Tobacco and E.J. Parrish, photo by Donald Burgess Tilley Jr.
Tobacco and E.J. Parrish
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Description: This bronze sculpture is the first in a series of six monuments documenting "Black Wall Street" in Durham. It highlights the importance of the tobacco industry in Durham County; in addition, it honors the life of E.J. Parrish, a tobacco tycoon in the area who built a warehouse on Parrish Street. The sculpture features five large-scale tobacco leaves above a plaque.
Nickname: The Parrish Street Sculptures
Tobacco and E.J. ParrishNamed for tobacco tycoon E.J. Parrish and his father, Parrish Street was the site of his expansive 1879 warehouse. / Early tobacco entrepreneurs E. J. Parrish, James B. Duke, Julian Carr, John Green, and W.T. Blackwell transformed Durham's business landscape.
Image of the plaque

Dedication date: 10/15/2009
Creator: Leah Foushee, Sculptor Alvin Frega, Sculptor Michael Waller, Sculptor
Materials & Techniques: Bronze
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funds granted with the assistance of Representative David E. Price.
Cost: $350,000
Post dedication use: This monument, and the entire series of Parrish street sculptures, is part of a larger revitalization effort by the city of Durham.
Subject notes: Tobacco has been an important part of Durham's history since the 19th century. Tobacco entrepreneurs such as E.J. Parrish and Washington Duke marked the early business landscape of Durham.
Location: The sculpture sits on historic Parrish Street, which is better known as "Black Wall Street." It is part of a series of six sculptures that each commemorates important pieces of Durham's history.
Former Locations: None
Landscape: This sculpture rests in downtown Durham. There are a few trees close to the monument.
City: Durham
County: Durham
Subjects: Industry


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