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Original Rebecca of the Well, Main Street, Salisbury NC

Rebecca of the Well Fountain
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Description: The current fountain is a replica of the original which was installed in the center of town in 1888 and later removed to make way for streetcars (in 1905) and eventually scrapped for metal during World War II. The figure positioned on top of the fountain represents the biblical Rebecca at the well. At the top of the fountain a woman holds a container over her head; water falling from it flows into a large circular basin. A replica of the original fountain now stands at the entrance of the Gateway Park which opened on October 12, 1997.

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Sculptural details

Dedication date: Original installed 1888

Sponsor: Julian and Blanche Robertson paid for the creation of Gateway park in which the replica now stands.

Post dedication use: The original fountain installed in 1888 was used for water for horses and fire protection.

Location: This fountain is located on the corner of Depot and East Innes streets in a small garden in Salisbury, NC.

Former Locations: The original fountain was first located at the intersection of Innes and Main Streets in Salisbury; it had to be moved because it was an inconvenience for cars. During World War II the fountain was sold for scrap metal but a replica was made later and installed in a small park in Salisbury.

City: Salisbury

County: Rowan

Subjects: Historic Religious Figures,Historic Women Figures,Removed Monuments

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