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David Caldwell Monument
David Caldwell Monument
Guilford Courthouse

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Description: This monument, a roughly-cut rectangular granite block placed on top of a granite base, measures 6'11" in height and 3' wide, not including the base.

North Face: Dr. DAVID CALDWELL / BORN 1724 / DIED 1824 / PREACHER

East Face: PATRIOT


West Face: TEACHER

Dedication date: 1909

Materials & Techniques: Granite.

Sponsor: General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church and descendants.

Subject notes: Born in 1724, David Caldwell spent many years teaching. He was eventually licensed to preach, which he continued to do late into his life. He was a member of the convention that formed the Constitution of the state of North Carolina in 1776. He died August 28, 1824.

Landscape: The Caldwell monument was the last monument in a row of monuments that runs parallel to a road that goes through the park. It is also the only remaining one in its original location.

City: Greensboro

County: Guilford

Subjects: Revolutionary War

Origin - location: