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Confederate Soldiers Monument (1888), Greensboro. Photo courtesy of Tom Vincent of North Carolina Civil War Memorials.
Confederate Soldiers Monument

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Description: A bronze Confederate soldier clad in jacket and hat steps forward with his left foot while resting his left arm on the barrel of his rifle. He stands atop a tall granite inscribed pedestal. A refurbishment of the memorial in late 2010 added a seal to the pedestal.

Our Confederate Dead / 1861-65 / Dedicated to the / Memory of / 300 Unknown Soldiers / by the Ladies / Memorial Asso of / Greensboro NC

Dedication date: June 3, 1888

Materials & Techniques: Bronze, Granite

Sponsor: Ladies Memorial Association of Greensboro

Post dedication use: The area around the monument was renovated in 2010 so that a short circular wall surrounds the statue.

Subject notes: The monument commemorates 300 unknown soldiers

Landscape: The monument stands in Green Hill Cemetery. It is surrounded by a short stone circular wall and stands next to a pole which flies the Confederate flag.

City: Greensboro

County: Guilford

Subjects: Civil War

Origin - location: