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Poor Richard's Almanack, 1733

Transcript At Chester, the last Tuesday in May, August, November, and February. At Lancaster, the first Tuesday in the Months aforesaid. At Suffex the first, at Kent the second, and at New-Castle the third Tuesday in the same months. Mayors Courts in Philadelphia, are held The first Tuesday in January, April, and July, last Tuesday in October. Supreme Courts in New-Jersey are held At Burlington, the 1st Tuesday in May, 2d Tuesday in August, 1st Tuesday in November and 3d in Febr(urary) At Perth-Amboy, the 2d Tuesday in May, 3d in Aug. the 2d Tuesday in Novemb. and the 4th in February. In Bergen County, April 3. In Essex, April 10. In Somerset, Octob. 2. In Monmouth, April 24. In Hunterdon, Octob. 23. In Gloucester, June 12. In Salem and Cape-May Counties, June 5. General Sessions and County Courts are held In Bergen county, Jun 2. April 3. June 12. Octob. 2 In Essex, January 9. April 10. June 19. Sept 25 In Middlesex, jan. 16, April 17, July 17, Octob 23 In Moonmouth, Jan 23, April 24, July 24, Octob. 2 In Hunterdon, Feb. 6. May 15. Aug. 7. Octob. 23. In Burlington, Febr. 13. May 1 Aug. 14 Nov. 6. In Glochester, March 27, June 12. Sept 1s. Dec. 25 In Salem, Feb. 20. June 5. Aug. 21. Nov. 27. In Cape May, Feb. 6. May 13, Augu 8, Octt. 23. Supreme Courts in New-York are held, At the City of New-York, March 13, June 5 October 9. Nov. 27. At Westchester, March 27. At Richmond, April 10. At Orange, April 24. At Suffolk County, July 24. At Albany, August 21. At Ulster, Sept. 4. At Dutches, Sept. 11. At Kings County, Sept. 18. At Queens County, Sept. 25. Courts of Sessions & Common Pleas are held, In the City of New-York, May 1. Aug. 7. Nov. 6. Feb. 6. At Albany, June 5. Octob. 2 and Jan. 16. At Westchester, May 27. Octob. 23. In Ulster, May 1. Octob. 2. In Richmond, march 20 Septemb. 25. In Kings, April 17. Octob. 16. In Queens, May 15. Sept. 18. In Orange, April 24 Octob. 30. In Dutches Co. May 15 and Oct. 16. Provincial Courts in Maryland. Two in a Year, held at Annapolis, viz. The 3d Tuesday of Mar. and 3d Tuesday of Octob. County Courts in Maryland. For Talbot, Baltimore and St Mary’s counties, the first Tuesday in March, June, August, and November. At Dorchester, cecil, Ann-Arundel, and Charles Counties, the second Tuesday in the same Months. At Kent, Calvert, and Somerset Counties, the third Tuesday in the same Months. At Queen Anne’s and Prince George’s Counties, the fourth Tuesday in the same Months. Quakers General Meetings are kept. At Philadelphia, March 18 At Salem, April 24 At Flushing, May 27 At West-River, June 3 At Providence, 17 At Newport, 24 At Newton, 24 At Westchester, July 22 At Wesbury, Aug. 26 At Philadelphia, Sept. 16 At Jamaica 23 At Choptank, Octob. 7 At Shresburry, 28 At Oyster Bay, 28 At Flushing, Nov. 25 At Westbury, Febr.25 Baptists General Meetings are kept At Welch-Tract, May 13 At Cohansie, 20 At Piscataway, June 3 Philadelphia, Sept. 23 Fairs are kept, At Cohansie, April 24 At N-York ditto, & Nov. 6 At Salem May 1 At Chester 5 At Bristol, 8 At Philadelphia, 16 At Chester Octob. 5 At Salem, 20 At Germantown 20 At Bristol, 29 At New Castle, 3 At Philadelphia, 16

Poor Richard's Almanack, 1733
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