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Flying god watching over Sita (Thai Ramayana mural)

A painted mural at the Emerald Buddha Temple depicts a Hindu god watching over Sita. The god, with blue skin and wearing Siamese royal clothes, appears to run within a stylized bubble through the sky. The bubble, which is flame or tear-shaped, is decorated with floral motifs at the edges and provides a solid black background that contrasts with the figure of the god.

In an active running pose, the god looks downward to the earth, watching over Sita to protect her from harm. In the Ramayana, when Rama suspects that Sita’s baby is not his, Rama orders his brother Laksman to take Sita to the countryside and execute her. The gods must guard Sita and insure that she safely gives birth to Rama’s son, and that she is not harmed by Rama’s jealous order that she be killed for suspected infidelity.

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