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Parents of Negro Boy Ask Raleigh Board for Hearing (1957)

School desegregation was slow in the South, and Raleigh was no exception. This newspaper article outlines the seeming futility of the fight for equal rights in the school system with statements such as "by a five to one vote, the school board turned down" the request for admittance, noting that this was "the lone request from a Negro for admission to a Raleigh white school." 

This is an image of the article "Parents of Negro Boy Ask Raleigh Board for Hearing" from August 9, 1957.
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"[Parents of Negro Boy Ask Raleigh Board for Hearing (1957).]" From  Assorted Clippings on School Segregation, 1950s -1960s, Division of Negro Education. Public Instruction Records. State Archives of North Carolina. (accessed August 7, 2018).

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