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Horrid Massacre in Virginia

Composite of scenes of Nat Turner's rebellion. Caption reads: The Scenes which the above Plate is designed to repesent are -- Fig. 1. A Mother intreating for the lives of her Children. -- 2. Mr Travis, cruelly murdered by his own Slaves. -- 3. Mr. Barrow, who bravely defended himself until his wife escaped. -- 4. A comp. of mounted Dragoons in pursuit of the Blacks.

Illustration depicting Nat Turner's Rebellion. Scene 1 depicts enslaved people standing over white people with weapons. A white woman has two children. Scene 2 depicts armor cavalry attacking the enslaved rebels.
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Warner, Samuel , “Authentic and impartial narrative of the tragical scene which was witnessed in Southampton County (Virginia) on Monday the 22d of August last,” Revisiting Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination, accessed April 12, 2022,

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