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Election Day!

A political cartoon showing a woman getting ready to leave the house while a man sits in chair with two crying babies. The woman is standing next to a dining table with her back turned, apparently getting ready to leave the house, and she looks back over her shoulder, down through her spectacles at her husband. She is wearing a bowler hat with a long feather, and a coat and tie over her long skirt. She carries an umbrella over her forearm.Her husband is seated on chair at the dining table, holding two wailing babies. He has a look of worry or confusion on his face and an apron tied around his waist. A cat stands next to him with her fur raised and her back arched. There are plates scattered on the table and one broken on the floor beneath. A sign hangs on the wall that reads "Votes for Women."Beneath the illustration is "Election Day!" On the sides of this caption is a ballot and a ballot box.

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