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East Carolina Indian School students and their teachers

This scanned page, probably from the late 1940s, shows school photographs from the East Carolina Indian School. In the photo:

Adults (large pictures) Mr. and Mrs. Albert Johnson
Top row: Joyce Maynor, Linda Johnson, Dorla Jacobs, Lois Simmons, Essie Mae Simmons, Genevia Locklear, Nancy Groves
Second row: George Jones, Maxine Rains, Catherine Simmons, Minnie Rains, Nola Brewington, Vilona Whitehead, Melrose Brewington
Third row: Ruby Brewington, Ethel Goins, Maybelle Rains, Geraldine Rains, Eva Maynor, Ferman Brewington, Marie Burnette
Fourth row: Ester Spaulding, Ruby Maynor, Saronia Rains, Elsie Bledsole, Lucy Jane Locklear, Tessie Mae Clark, Sudie Ammons, Oldell Maynor, Hazel Carter, Angelene Whitehead

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