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East Carolina Indian School young students

In this undated photo, young students pose on the steps of the East Carolina Indian School. In the photo:

Back row: Norman Jacobs, Avan Brewington, P.W. Brewington, T. J. Bryant, Teeter Whitehead, Roosevelt Maynor, Felt Whitehead
Second row from back: Hubert Ammons, Jake W. Bryant, Barney Ammons, Delbert Simmons, Ivean Faircloth, Dwight Carter, Gene Bledsole, Percy A. Carter
Third row from back: Bobby Jones, Claudie Strickland, Larry Burnette, Howard Jones, Wade Wynn, Randall Brewington, Edison Brayboy, Paul Knight, Barney Brewington, Mable Carter
Fourth row from back: Charles Brewington, Frank Burnett, Annie Brewington, Solomia Groves, Madlene Brewington, Martha Lou Brewington, Sadie Mae Goins, Dorothy Jacobs, Edna Ammons
Front row: Lillie Carol (Tootsie) Brewington, Garnett Goodman, Alice Goodman, Willard Jones, Ray Jacobs, Dixie Brewington, Arlene Simmons, Marlene Stewart, Lucille Brewington, Janice Jacobs, Elaine Young.

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