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Circa 1714 map of Maryland, Virginia, and Carolina

Johann Baptist Homann's hand-colored engraved map Virginia Marylandia et Carolina... was first published in a 1714 atlas, and was re-published numerous times thereafter. The map depicts Homann's interpretation of the American colonies as they existed in the early part of the 18th century. The geographical range extends south from Pennslyvania, New York, and New Jersey to South Carolina; and west to Lake Erie and the Appalachian mountains. Important cities and towns are marked in red: Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania; what is simply called "Carolina," on the Cape Fear River in Carolina; and "Germantown/Teutsche Statt," in Virginia. Flordia, which belonged to Spain at the time, spans the western edge of the map. A large but fictitious Appalachian lake appears in the mountains in Florida. This non-existent geographical feature was likely based on earlier maps of the region. The Atlantic Ocean is labeled the Sea of Virginia. A cartouche in the bottom right corner depicts Europeans trading with Indians.

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