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Gladys Hollar - father's death

Gladys Hollar - father's death

Gladys Hollar talks about the impact of her father’s death on the family and their farm.

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Jacquelyn Hall
How did your family life change after he died?

Gladys Irene Moser Hollar
We just had to work that much harder. I was little; I wasn’t hardly big enough to work. I carried a hoe ever since I was big enough to carry one, though. But he had just bought some land the year before he died, and he was supposed to pay for it the next year. And I can remember that Mama said that she didn’t know if she would lose it or not, but said the next year the cotton crop and everything was so good, had such a good year, and they paid off the land.

Jacquelyn Hall
So she didn’t lose the land.

Gladys Irene Moser Hollar
Didn’t lose the land.

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