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Gladys Hollar - farm work

Gladys Hollar - farm work

Gladys Hollar discusses the work that her mother and the children did on the family farm.

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Gladys Hollar - farm work by LEARN NC



Jacquelyn Hall
When you were growing up, did you have a sense that your mother had to work awfully hard or was having a hard time with so many children?

Gladys Irene Moser Hollar
Yes. But we all helped. The whole family helped and worked real hard. Of course, she worked the hardest, because she worked in the field and she would go to the house about eleven o’clock to get dinner and have dinner on the table at twelve when we got there. And she would make half a dozen or more pies, so she’d have enough for supper, too. A great big dish of beans and potatoes and corn and all that. And how she would do it in one hour I never have figured out. It’d take me a half a day. But she was so fast. She’d set down to peel an apple, and she’d go around that thing, phew!

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