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George Dyer - farm

George Dyer - farm

George Dyer talks about his parents’ decision to leave their farm.

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George Dyer - farm by LEARN NC



Lu Ann Jones
Why did your parents decide to move from the farm?

George Dyer
It was hard and people could make more in town. They could make a better living, unless you’s a big rich farmer. Unless he had good equipment and everything, he couldn’t make a good living. But we had a plenty of food to eat, but our clothes wasn’t too much. We got by, but it wasn’t like people ought to have.

Lu Ann Jones
Did your mother help your father on the farm?

George Dyer
She done just about everything, milk cows and look after all of us.

Tessie Dyer
There was about eleven in your family wasn’t it?

George Dyer
I was eleven in the family. We all had to work when we got big enough to work. We couldn’t lay around and play off like something was wrong with us. He made us work. That’s the way people was brought up years ago. They had no idle time to get into anything. You had off from Saturday afternoon on to Sunday. On Sunday you had to go to church. Get us all in a wagon and take us! Drive three miles there and three miles back.

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