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George Dyer

George Dyer

George Dyer describes his parents’ financial situation when they got married and started farming.

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George Dyer
Not many people had much back then. A bed and a cook stove’s about all they had. I know when my father got married, he said—it’s funny to tell it the way modern things is now—”I had a horse, and I had a pig, started out getting married. My daddy give me a barrel of flour and some chickens. That’s how we started housekeeping.” Starting off, that’s all the food they had start off with. Like you said, he raised that pig to be a big hog the next year, and they a-plenty of meat. He was a farmer, he was raised in the country. That’s how he started out. He built a three room cabin. My great-grandfather was Civil War—he was a surveyor. He knew that money that was going to be killed—money wouldn’t be no good. So he bought up a lot of land and give all of them a piece of land. My father had 150 acres of land. He had five brothers, two sisters. So when his parents died, they left him a lot of land. That’s all they left him.

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