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Wake Stationcommunity in N Wake County.
Wakefieldcommunity in E Wake County 1 mi. N of Zebulon. Inc. 1899; charter repealed 1913. Named for its location on a field in Wake County. The failure of local citizens to sell land for a right-of-way resulted in the location of a railroad a short distance s, where the town of Zebulon soon developed. Alt. 338.
Wakeloncommunity in NE Bertie County.
Wakullacommunity in NW Robeson County. Alt. 208. Settled about 1860. Named by Col. Peter P. Smith for the Indian word meaning "clear water" because of numerous springs in the vicinity.
Walden Creekrises in SE Brunswick County and flows E into Cape Fear River.
Waldrop Branchrises in NE Cherokee County and flows S into Valley River.
Walkercommunity in W Polk County on Harm Creek. Served by post office, 1894-1918.
Walker BaldW Haywood County SE of Potato Patch. Alt. 5,420. Named for Felix Walker (1753-1828), land speculator and member of Congress, whose cabin dwelling was at its base on upper Jonathan Creek.
Walker Branchrises in NE Buncombe County and flows W to join Corner Rock Creek in forming Dillingham Creek. Walker Falls are on the stream.
Walker Branchrises in NE Buncombe County near Brushy Knob and flows W through Walkertown into North Fork [Swannanoa River].