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Wading Place Creekrises in E central Bertie County and flows S into Cashie River.
Wads Creekrises in central Moore County and flows SE into Little River. Named for William Wadsworth, who settled on its banks in 1756.
Wagner Branchrises in central Buncombe County near Beard Mountain and flows NW into Reems Creek.
Wagon Road Gapon the Haywood-Transylvania county line at the NW tip of Wagon Road Ridge. Began as a foot trail for man and horse on way to Brevard; later was widened for 2-wheeled wagons to haul salt and other provisions and eventually to accommodate large, 4-wheeled wagons, hence the name. The Blue Ridge Parkway now crosses the Wagon Road there. Alt. 4,535.
Wagon Road Gapin NW Transylvania County between Poplar Lick Gap and Sandy Gap N of Pine Mountain.
Wagon Road Ridgeextends SE in N Transylvania County from Pisgah Ridge on the Haywood-Transylvania county line to the confluence of the forks of Bearwallow Brook.
Wagon Timber Branchrises in central Cherokee County and flows SE into Colvard Creek.
Wagonercommunity in E central Ashe County.
Wagonercommunity in W Yadkin County near South Deep Creek.
Wagramtown in E Scotland County. Known first as Montpelier, then (around 1900) as Fontcal. Inc. 1911 as Wagram. Probably named for the Austrian town where a battle was fought in 1809 during the Napoleonic Wars. Alt. 250.