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Chocowinity TownshipSW Beaufort County.
Choffingtontraditional site of the first courthouse of Cumberland County, located at the mouth of Little River near the present site of Linden in the N part of the county. The courthouse was there from 1755 until it was moved to Campbellton in 1765. The name may be derived from the old English word "chuff," meaning a rustic or rude, coarse fellow, and may have been applied by people of English descent to the recently arrived Scots.
Choga Creekrises in W Macon County and flows NE into Nantahala Lake.
Choggy Butte Mountainin E Jackson County on the head of Mull Creek.
Chokeberry Branchrises in N Swain County and flows W into Forney Creek.
Choowatic Creekrises in SE Bertie County and flows E into Roquist Creek.
Choratuck InletSee Currituck Inlet.
Chowanan Indian town, shown on the Moseley map, 1733, as lying in the S central part of present Gates County between Bennetts Creek and Trotman Creek.
Chowan BeachSee Mount Gallant.
Chowan Beachon Chowan River S of the mouth of Meherrin River on the E border of Hertford County. First named Mount Gallant for John Gallant, who operated a ferry there about 1720. Known as Mount Zion in the latter half of the eighteenth century.