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Chowan Countywas formed by 1668 as Shaftesbury Precinct of Albemarle County. Renamed Chowan Precinct about 1681. Located in the NE section of the state, it is bounded by Albemarle Sound, Chowan River, and Bertie, Hertford, Gates, and Perquimans Counties. It was named for the Chowan River. Area: 234 sq. mi. County seat: Edenton, with an elevation of 16 ft. Townships are nos. 1-4, formerly Edenton, Middle, Upper, and Yeopim. Produces corn, soybeans, peanuts, cotton, hogs, textiles, tires, boats, sweet potatoes, sorghum, cantaloupes, lumber, and processed seafood.
Chowan Riveris formed on the Hertford-Gates county line a short distance S of the Virginia state line by the junction of the Nottoway and Blackwater Rivers. It flows SE on the Hertford-Gates and Bertie-Chowan county lines into Albemarle Sound. Named for the Chowanoc tribe of Indians who lived in the area. The word is a variant of the Algonquian sorwán (south). It may have derived from sowánohke (south country). The river was referred to by the Roanoke explorers, 1584-85, but given no specific name except as the location of the tribe. Appears as Choan River on the Comberford map, 1657.
ChowanokeSee Croatoan Island.
Chrissawn KnobSE Yancey County on South Toe River near the mouth of Rock Creek.
Christ BranchSee Banjo Branch.
Christ-Church ParishSee Craven Parish.
Christian Creekrises in SE Buncombe County and flows NW into Swannanoa River.
Christie FordSee Murphy.
Chroniclecommunity in SE Catawba County. Est. 1857. Named for Maj. William Chronicle, killed at Battle of Kings Mountain. Alt. 1,048.
Chublakecommunity in central Person County served by post office, 1884-1905.