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Chismancommunity in SE Stokes County.
Chockeyottetown in N Halifax County. Inc. 1901.
Chockoyotte Creekrises in N Halifax County and flows SE into Roanoke River. Name believed to be a Tuscarora Indian word. A stone aqueduct, part of the pre-Civil War Roanoke Navigation Canal, remains over the creek. It appears as Chocolate Creek on the Collet map, 1770.
Chocolate CreekSee Chockoyotte Creek.
Chocolate Creekrises in SE Guilford County and flows NE into Stinking Quarter Creek.
Chocolate Drop MountainSee Foster Mountain.
Chocowinitytown in W Beaufort County. Known as Godleys Crossroads until renamed for nearby creek. Inc. 1917; charter repealed 1947; reincorporated 1959. Railroad station name was Marsden, adopted in 1917 for Marsden J. Perry, a railroad official. Alt. 35.
Chocowinity Bayformed by the mouth of Chocowinity Creek in Pamlico River, W Beaufort County.
Chocowinity Creekrises in SW Beaufort County and flows N into Chocowinity Bay and Pamlico River. Called Worsley Creek on the Collet map, 1770; by 1808 (Price's map) it was called by its present name, though MacRae's map in 1833 called it Chocowinity Swamp. The name is said to be Indian in origin and to mean "fish from many waters."
Chocowinity SwampSee Chocowinity Creek.