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Calhoun Branchrises in NW Swain County and flows S into Desolation Branch.
Calhoun Branchrises in W Cherokee County and flows S into Hiwassee River.
Calhoun Islandformerly a 15-acre island in Little Tennessee River in NE Graham County. Now under the waters of Fontana Lake.
Calicocommunity in S Pitt County. Named for the fact that a local store, owned by Henry Venters and his father, sold more calico cloth than any other store in Pitt County. The store also housed the local post office.
Calico Baya loam-filled bay in SW Duplin County.
Calico Creekrises in central Carteret County and flows E and SE into the mouth of Newport River. An English ship, loaded with calico, is said to have wrecked near Beaufort in a storm. Afterward, pieces of calico were found draped over bushes growing along the creek.
Californiacommunity in W Pitt County.
Californiacommunity in NE Madison County. A post office, California Creek, est. there prior to 1882.
Californiacommunity in central Hertford County on the head of Mill Branch.
California Branchrises in N Cabarrus County and flows N into Rowan County, where it enters South Second Creek.