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Caler Coveat the head of Caler Cove Branch in N Macon County.
Caler Cove Branchrises in N Macon County and flows S into Little Tennessee River.
Caler Forkrises in E Macon County and flows SW into Cowee Creek.
Caler Knobon Macon-Swain county line near the head of Gibby Branch.
Cales Creekrises in NW Carteret County and flows SW into White Oak River.
Calf Branchrises on Fort Bragg Military Reservation in N Hoke County and flows SW into Rockfish Creek.
Calf Creekrises in SW Beaufort County and flows N into Pamlico River.
Calfpen GapNE Graham County.
Calhouncommunity in E Transylvania County between Little River and McCall Branch.
Calhoun Branchrises in W Swain County and flows SW into Fontana Lake.